Mandarin GriefShare Program: A 13-week Christ-centered grief healing course and support group for people who have lost a loved one through death. The program features biblical counseling videos and caring support groups to journey through grief, experience healing, and move towards the Path of Joy and Hope. Meetings online on Sundays from 3/6 to 6/5. Please contact Chyong-Yi Lee at for more details.  

Register at, scan QR code or click GriefShare registration form.    ~ Co-sponsored by CBCM & GCAC

華語哀傷陪伴課程: 為期 13 週以基督為中心的哀傷陪伴課程和支持小組, 協助失去摯愛親友的哀傷者,同行療癒之旅; 藉著聖經輔導視頻,傾聽接納和關懷小組的陪伴,幫助哀傷者走出憂傷,恢復喜樂與盼望. 線上聚會每週日 7-9 PM, 3/6至 6/5.可隨時報名參加. 詳情聯絡李吳瓊宜姊妹

註册方式: 聯系 或掃瞄 QR code 或 㸃擊  哀傷陪伴報名  ~合辦教會:馬利蘭中華聖經教會& 蓋城華人宣道會