Fellowship at CBCM

Two primary methods in which CBCM has implemented fellowship are Fellowship Groups and Cell Groups.

  • Fellowship Groups are typically larger, in the range of 20 people and up, and may also be referred to as Large Groups in other churches.  Their strengths are easy entry for newcomers, quick community, more visible within the church calendar of activities, formed by life stage or special interest.
  • Cell Groups are typically smaller, in the range of 8-12 people and may be referred to as Small Groups in other churches.  Their strengths are ability to be more personal, more accountability, more family feel, deeper level of commitment, deeper level of sharing.  Cell groups are the foundational units of our church, are ideal for believers to grow in and for seekers to understand Jesus and his Gospel. 


What is Fellowship?

In biblical fellowship, there is mutual encouragement and care, a mutual bearing of one another's burdens and mutual contributions to each other’s spiritual growth. It is where the building up of others is the primary motivation and where the personal gain or growth is a natural outcome of that process.  It is where newcomers can notice a community based on the love of Jesus Christ, feel welcome to join and can learn who Jesus is in a comfortable and socially safe environment.  Hebrews 10:24-25 illustrates that God desires that we meet regularly in Christian fellowship1 Corinthians 1:9 indicates that God calls us into fellowship with Jesus and so we do likewise with others in a spiritual family centered on Jesus.


Listings of groups and contacts for more information or questions:

CBCM Rockville Cantonese Congregation - click here for listing

CBCM Rockville English Congregation - click here for listing

CBCM Rockville Mandarin Congregation - click here

CBCM Gaithersburg - click here for listing

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CBCM has several groups involved with intense bible study. 

Click here for a listing of current groups.

These are not intended to replace involvement in Fellowship Groups or Cell Groups as they offer unique benefits to the local body of Christ.  See the Fellowship Groups and Cell Groups webpage for a better understanding.


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