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(1) Membership Class (Baptism/Transfer)     

Elder George Liu

This class will study the basic doctrines of Christianity. The class consists of 4 modules: a) Understanding our salvation b) Knowing God c) Loving God’s church & d) Discipleship & Service . It is for those who are interested in getting baptized into the Christian faith or for those who would like to transfer their membership to CBCM. It is also open to all who would like to grow in their understanding of the basic truths of our faith and our church.

(2) Across the Street and Around the World: Following Jesus to the Nations in Your Neighborhood… and Beyond

Minister Isabel Lee & Team

Deep down, many of us long to live a life of purpose, a purpose that aligns with God’s. Sometimes we think if we were to do something, we have to do everything—and do it in far away lands. This class help us to explore ways we can begin impacting the world right where we already live, work, play, and study—by learning to grow genuine, spiritually deep friendships with people from other countries, cultures, and faiths. It will also provide principles in reaching out and guide us away from common cultural missteps, so we can present the Gospel clearly, while honoring culture, faith, and family. With confidence, courage and compassion, we’ll start small, start soon, and start somewhere we already are, by first going across the street and around the world as God leads.

(3) Habakkuk                                                                   

Brent Bian

This class will be an in-depth study on the book of Habakkuk, exploring the time period after the split of Israel and before the impending destruction from Babylon. We will be looking at how Habakkuk wrestles with questions that ultimately go unanswered and what it means to hold on to faith with or without the answers.