Christian Education

Rockville English                                         


1. Gospel Tactics and Strategy: A Game Plan for Discussing/Sharing the Good News of Jesus.          Deaconess Debbie Hsu                                           


Have you ever tried sharing the Gospel without a game plan? It can be as scary as being a
soldier on the battlefield without a clue what to do! Come arm yourself with simple, practical tactics for navigating spiritual conversations, and a bigger strategy for how we can reach our lost family and friends with the hope of Jesus. We'll learn and practice together and spur each other on to step into the battle that Jesus has already won!


 2. Why Trust the Bible, Part 2                   Teaching Team


In Part 1, we discussed the historical reliability, trustworthiness, and contemporary relevance of the Bible.  In Part 2, we will build on that foundation to understand how we are to live in light of the Bible.  Our goal is to have a high view of the scriptures that will strengthen our faith.


3. Membership Class (Baptism/Transfer)                       Kevin Seto  


This class will study the basic doctrines of Christianity. The class consists of four modules:

1) Understanding our Salvation

2) Knowing God

3) Loving God’s Church

4) Discipleship & Service

It is for those who are interested in getting baptized into the Christian faith or for those who would like to transfer their membership to CBCM. It is also open to all who would like to grow in their understanding of the basic truths of our faith and our church.