Meal Card Operations System

CBCM is now introducing MCOS (Meal Card Operations System), a lunch system for Sundays, where church members and guests alike will be able to purchase lunch in a faster and more convenient manner. Instead of buying small paper lunch tickets every Sunday, you will be able to use a membership or guest ID card to buy lunch.

Basically, you just need to deposit some money into your meal card account and then buy lunch. You can pick up what you want to eat and give your meal card to the cashier to buy the items. MCOS accounts are by family and the meal cards can be printed as a physical card or saved on your phone as an eCard. The cashiers will be able to view your family picture to verify your identity when your meal card is scanned and e-receipts will be sent out after each deposit or transaction.

You can download the Meal Card Application Form   and submit it to to get your eCard.
After receiving your eCard, you can go to MCOS to check your deposit balance and recent transactions.