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Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide support to mentoree couples (couples to be mentored) through their inevitable bumpy marital journey, to learn together Godly marital habits, to build a lifelong committed, God-honoring, healthy marriage, and to impact the world for Jesus Christ one marriage at a time.


Purpose: There are couples in our church right now who are enjoying strong, healthy, God-honoring marriages. Our ministry offers further support for those strong marriages to reach their full potential for maximum impact in the family, church, community and beyond for God's glory. We realize that there are also couples who are struggling within their marriages. Struggling couples often seek pastoral counseling not knowing that, alternately, an experienced, trained, healthy couple from our Marriage Mentoring Ministry can mentor and 'show them the way' to a stronger marriage, rooted in Christ.


The CBCM Couples Marriage Mentoring Ministry is formed under the guidance of Marriage Mentors United. Our goal is to utilize our team of highly experienced marriage mentors and program builders to help strengthen marriages in our congregation.

Strong, healthy marriages that build upon the words of God make strong, healthy families. Healthy families build strong churches, and strong churches build strong communities.


Description: In the CBCM Couples Marriage Mentoring Program, a mentoree couple will be paired up with a more experienced mentor couple to walk along side their marital journey. Both husband and wife must commit to the program. The mentor couple will share their time, energy and experience with the mentoree couple and provide prayer supports to the mentoree couple. They will meet together one to two times a month to fellowship, to pray and to do exercises to strengthen the marriage.


How to join the program: Couples interested in being mentored must commit 12-18 months to the program. The mentoree husband and wife each must submit a separate Application and sign a joint Marriage Mentoring Relationship Agreement. When they are accepted into the program, the mentoree couple will meet with the assigned mentor couple to plan out meeting schedules and arrangements. The mentoree husband and wife each needs to purchase a Mentoree Workbook ($20 plus shipping) prior to the beginning of the mentoring.

Submit the Marriage Mentoree Applications and the Marriage Mentoring Relationship Agreement to Mr. Tony Chew: FAX: (301) 384-6907; EMAIL: tony.chew@cbcmgroups.org

If interested to learn more about the program or you have any questions, please submit the CBCM Marriage Mentoring Ministry Enquiry Form (below) to Mr. Tony Chew.



  1.  CBCM Marriage Mentoring Ministry Enquiry Form
  2. CBCM Marriage Mentoree Application
  3. Marriage Mentoring Relationship Agreement
  4. Core Exercises


Articles and blogs/Videos:

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3. Focus on Marriage Assessment: This assessment reviews how you are doing in your marriage in 12 essential areas: Commitment, Nourish, Shared Responsibility, Time, Community, Intimacy, Conflict, Healthy Individuals, Communication, Cherish, Coping and Spiritual. Go to "focusonthefamily.com" and search for marriage assessment, scroll down to "Focus on Marriage Assessment" and take the assessment. FOTF will email the assessment results with suggestions to you after you've completed the assessment.



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5.  The 5 Love Languages / Dr. Gary Chapman


The 5 Love Languages® has been improving relationships for more than 25 years. It's ideas are simple and conveyed with clarity and humor, making this book as practical as it is personable. Get inspired by real life stories and a common sense approach that will teach you to love better and grow closer.


6.  Finding Hope for Your Desperate Marriage - Gary Chapman

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8.  Helping Your Marriage Survive the Coronavirus - Focus on the Family

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Future Events: Due to COVID-19, all future events are put on hold till further notice.