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How to Sign Up?
Demonstrates how to sign up a CBCM account. You must be a regular CBCM attendee with a valid email address.
How to Log in and Change Password?
Demonstrates how to acquire CBCM user name and password to log in this website. Tutorial: 
How to Get Help from IT Staff?
When you have operational problems, you can call IT Staff to solve your problems online.


How to Sign Up Office 365?
Demonstrates how to sign up a CBCM Office 365 account. You must be a regular CBCM attendee with a valid email address.
How to Access My Office 365 Mailbox?
Demonstrates how to access CBCM Office 365 mailbox.
How to Change Office 365 Password?
Demonstrates how to change Office 365 password.
How to Forward E-mails from Office 365 to Another E-mail Account?
Demonstrates how to configure your Office 365 mailbox to forward e-mails to personal e-mail account.
How to Share Files and Folders to Others?
Demonstrates how to use OneDrive to share files and folders to others.
How to Create a Form with Microsoft Forms?
Demonstrates how to create an online survey form or e-voting with Microsoft Forms.
How to Create a install Microsoft Teams?
Demonstrates how to download and install Microsoft Teams in order to hold conference calls with church members.
  Microsoft Teams
Demonstrates how to create a team and channels to hold online meetings and chat.
Microsoft Teams Usage on Cell Phone. (Chinese)
如何在手機上使用 Micrsoft Teams 參與在網上的小組聚會、 主日學、禱告會及其他的聚會?
Microsoft Teams Usage on PC. (Chinese)
如何在電腦上使用 Micrsoft Teams 參與在網上的小組聚會、 主日學、禱告會及其他的聚會?
How to Use Microsoft Teams to Schedule a Meeting and Send Invitation? (Chinese)
如何使用 Teams 安排聚會並向弟兄姊妹發出邀請?

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Mobile Apps

A tool for CBCM church members to look in the church directory in a more convenient way.
User's Manual:      Tutorial:
 iOS Devices  Android Devices
Open Sesame
A tool for pre-approved CBCMG church members to gain access to the church building during off-hours.
User's Manual:      Tutorial:
 iOS Devices  Android Devices