Mission, Vision & Goals


Mission: Our Purpose: We exist to EXALT Jesus Christ, EDIFY the believers, and to EVANGELIZE the world


Vision: By God’s grace, we will press on to be:

  1. A Christ-centered community with vibrant worship and fervent prayer.
  2. Diverse in makeup but united in God’s truth and genuine loving care.
  3. An effective team serving joyfully with global and local impact for the Gospel.
  4. A blessing to other North-American Chinese churches as a resource and model.


Core Values

  1. Biblical Foundation; Christ/Gospel Centered; Prayer Empowered; Great Commission Focus; Innovative & risk taking; Unity in Diversity; Integrity; Humility; Discipleship & training; Nurture & develop next gen.



“Breakthrough growth!”…

  1. Become a fervent House of prayer.
  2. Nurture and develop many mature and effective servants of Christ.
  3. Effective “everybody” evangelism.
  4. Vibrant and meaningful worship.
  5. Loving and genuine community.
  6. Strategic Global missions impact.



  1. Foster a culture of dependent & passionate prayer.
  2. Reform & Re-envision cell & fellowship groups to effectively impact our breakthrough growth goals and be an even more vital component of our church.
  3. Implement discipleship/mentoring process (from new believers to servant leaders) for each cong.
  4. Implement “Each One Reach One” evangelism strategy for each congregation.
  5. Develop and promote excellence in our worship services.
  6. Improve and streamline our missions policy & practices.
  7. Restructure & reform BOD & BOE for optimal and empowered fulfillment of our vision and goals.

Chinese Bible Church of Maryland