About CBCM

Our church was established in 1976 to be a Bible-centered church whose goals are to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to reach our Chinese kinsmen so they may inherit eternal life through faith in Christ Jesus.

With God’s blessing to our church, we have expanded in the size and diversity of our community, the number of our congregations, the size of our facilities, and the number of our pastoral staff, but we continue to focus on carrying out God’s great mission for us-  Exalting Jesus Christ, Edifying the believers, and Evangelizing the world!

If you live in the Washington DC metro area and are looking for a church home, we hope you can come and visit us, and consider becoming a regular part of our community. If you are here on vacation, business, visiting families and friends, we also welcome you to join us in worshipping God on Sundays. If you are not a follower of Jesus yet and is looking for true hope, joy, peace, purpose, and power for living, we would be so happy to have you visit us and let us share with you the amazing power of Jesus that is transforming our lives!  You will find the schedule and directions at this website.

There are other activities during the week. If you have other needs, or if we can be of any service to you, please contact our office. Additional information about our activities can also be found at this website. Please make use of it.

May God Bless You! 

Rev. Hugo Cheng

Senior Pastor