KidCheck Account

How to Create a KidCheck Account: to begin. 

•             Select "Create Your KidCheck Account"

•             Select "I have never used KidCheck before"

•             Fill in the requested fields, and click "register"

•             Locate the "Kids" tab.  Select the link to add a new child, input your child's information, and upload photo.  Select the SAVE button when done.  Repeat for each child 5th grade or below.

•             Locate the "Guardians" tab.  Select the link to add a new guardian.  This includes your spouse, relatives, friends...ANYONE you would like to be able to pick up the children you've listed.  Add their information and upload photos.  (The key information needed are First Name, Last Name, Home or Cell Phone, and Email Address.)   Remember to click SAVE when you are done.

Vacation Bible School

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