Mission, Vision & Goals


Our church holds fast to the Word of God and has been focusing on achieving the threefold objective:

  • Exalting Jesus Christ
  • Edifying the Believers
  • Evangelizing the World


  • More Christians, Better Christians
  • To reach more people for Christ, to equip them to be Disciples of Christ for the glory of God.

Ministry Focuses

Worship – exalting Christ and expressing our love to God in spirit and in truth by:

  • Acknowledging His Lordship in our lives
  • Praising His Greatness in culturally relevant ways
  • Celebrating His Presence

Evangelism - proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ locally and worldwide by:

  • Integrating it into our everyday living
  • Connecting with family, friends and the community
  • Doing, sharing, giving and sending

Fellowship - belonging to God’s family of believers through:

  • Encouraging commitment to each other in the church
  • Connecting to a caring and functioning fellowship or small group
  • Nurturing authentic loving relationships

Discipleship - transforming Christians into fully devoted followers of Christ by:

  • Educating them in God’s Word
  • Motivating and training them to seek spiritual maturity
  • Exhibiting Christ-like behavior

Service - demonstrating God’s love to all people in all facets of life by:

  • Seeking to serve others humbly
  • Using our spiritual gifts freely and joyfully
  • Offering our prayer, resources and time generously


  1. Achieving full membership involvement in corporate and personal worship, and prayer, caring, and service as necessary prerequisites to acceptable total worship.
  2. Achieving Bible literacy among all church members and promote a lifestyle that is under the authority of Scripture.
  3. Achieving full membership involvement in family and various relational ministries.
  4. Facilitating separate language, age, and cultural congregations within one church.
  5. Mobilizing all CBCM and sister church members to reach out to the Chinese population and other residents in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia areas through all available means of evangelism.
  6. Ministering to the particular needs of the leaders and co-workers and their families to enhance their continued devotion and faithfulness to the Lord.
  7. Ministering to the needs of retiring CBCM full-time Christian workers.
  8. Ministering to CBCM members in the areas of emotional, social, and physical needs through various counseling, support, and caring ministries; and provide relief, when deemed appropriate and resources are available, to special needs as they arise locally and in different parts of the world.
  9. Equipping and sending out one full-time Christian worker every year.
  10. Equipping and sending out at least 50 adult members on short-term mission projects every year. Planting and adopting additional local or out-of-the-area churches.
  11. Acquiring a site of adequate size in Maryland for facility expansion to meet the membership and ministry growth.