CBCM Regathering Update 教會重聚最新消息


Dear CBCM Family, 

Hope you all had a good summer and Labor Day. While the issues with COVID is still with us, we are trusting the Lord in His faithfulness and grace will sustain and strengthen us to keep moving forward with Him. In light of the information and counsel we have received from our medical information advisory team, and learning from what other local larger churches have already been doing, with sufficient safety protocols being put in place, we believe we are currently in sufficiently safe condition to regather, and are looking forward to our official regathering this coming Sunday on 9/12. 

Below are some updated information for you as you get ready to rejoin us when we regather. Due to the nature of the COVID situation and our regathering plans being very fluid and dynamic, we did not want to send out these information premature when we were still making various changes to our plan. Now we are at a point where we can share these updated decisions and plan with you. We thank you for your patience and giving us grace. Looking forward to see you soon! Let us keep praying and keep walking by faith!

For Him

Pastor Hugo


CBCM Regathering Update:

1. RSVP Sunday Worship Registration System: 

Thanks to the hard work of our volunteer IT team, the RSVP online registration will be in place and ready for use. Starting on 9/12, everyone who is able will be required to register online in order to attend the worship services. This is for the sake of capacity control, contact tracing, and having a count for the lunch order and the children program. 


You can register online by going to our website (cbcm.org) in the following multiple ways: 

Click on the top large horizontal banner for online registration; 

Click on “Sunday Worship” on the top menu bar and click on “RSVP Online”; 

Click on “Resources” on the top menu and click on “RSVP Online”; 

Scroll down on our main page, and click on the image icon for “RSVP Online”. 

You can also go directly to “https://rsvp.cbcm.org/” site and use member login or the guest registration feature (this feature will be added by 9/12 which will allow anyone to register if they enter their contact info).


For those who are not able to register due to technical limitations, or first time visitors showing up at our door, we will do our best to accommodate them to join us for worship and take down their contact info on site.

Currently we are not expecting to reach full capacity, so to expediate the entry process on Sundays, we will not be scanning your QR code tickets, but the ushers will simply ask if you have registered, and if you answer ‘yes’ (honor system), the ushers will seat you immediately. If you did not register, you simply need to give the ushers your contact info. 


2. Live Sunday Worship Services and Livestreams: 

For our live in-person regathering on Sundays, we have reduced the seating capacity to allow for safer social distancing (We have taken out every other rows of chairs, and gave more aisle space). We are also requiring face mask wearing AT ALL TIME while on church property (with the exception of those on stage and when eating or drinking). 

Please remember to wash your hands frequently by using our rest rooms or by using the many hand sanitizers we placed around the church facility (FYI, we refill the hand sanitizer bottles with fresh up-to-date sanitizers on a regular basis). 

We will also continue to use the pre-packaged communion elements, and the newly installed offering boxes instead of having communion servers or collecting offerings to minimize contact. 

For those who are unable to join us in person or prefer not to do so at this time, we will continue to provide our livestream broadcasting from our church website. We encourage you to participate actively as God’s Word commands us to not stop meeting together.


3. Resuming Police Presence: 

Starting on 9/12, we will also resume the uniformed police presence on Sundays for security purposes.


4. Teen & Children Sunday Programs: 

Starting on 9/12, we will resume in-person gathering of teens and children programs. 

For the teens, there will be in-person only SS classes and on-line only class options. The TG staff will send out the detailed information to the teens and their parents in an on-going manner.

For the children program, we will resume in-person worship and Sunday school for children from toddlers to 5th grade.  We will adhere to church-wide safety protocols such as teachers, volunteers, and children wearing face masks and social distance, and having kids from the same family sit together. Starting from 9/12, we will ONLY provide in-person programs. 

Childcare for infants (0 to 12 months old) is from 9:45 AM to 12:30 PM. 

Our Children Worship is made up of two separate programs: Kingdom Kids (Pre-K to Kindergarten) and Kingdom Builders (1st to 5th grade), both of which will start from 9:45 AM to 11:15 AM.  

In-person Children Sunday School for toddlers to fifth graders will be from 11:15 AM to 12:30 PM. Depending on teachers availability and class sizes, we might combine classes.

If you utilized our Children Ministry services in 2019, you will receive an email from us to update your KidCheck account.  If you are a new parent or new to CBCM, please contact David Tong via email (david.tong@cbcmgroups.org) for more information.   


5. Adult Sunday School Classes: 

Adult Sunday School classes will be provided for each congregation. Each congregation may provide a variety of in-person only, on-line only, and hybrid format classes. You will be informed of the options by each congregation’s Christian Education deacon.


6. Lunch Fellowship: 

We will resume our lunch time fellowship at 12:30 PM starting 9/12. For the months of September and October, we want to offer all who come a free lunch to welcome you back and to show care. We hope you can stay and enjoy the lunch and fellowship with our brothers and sisters. After consulting with the Montgomery County (MC) and CDC guidelines, as well as our own medical information advisory team, we are ready to provide indoor dining option while observing sufficient safety protocols. 


7. Cell & Fellowship Groups: 

We encourage all cell group and fellowship group to continue their regular meeting, and regather in-person if possible. If you are using our church facility, please observe our safety protocol (face-mask wearing at all times except when eating, social distancing, etc.) For the in-person gatherings, we recommend you keep an attendance roster for contact tracing purpose. 


8. Indoor Sports Ministries & Activities: 

While the MC face-mask mandate is active, we have suspended our indoor sports ministries and activities until further notice. We know this can be disappointing, but we want to be mindful of everyone’s safety first during this unusual time. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and cooperation.




希望大家都有一個愉快美好的暑期生活和勞動節. 雖然新冠疫情仍然在持續影響著我們, 但深信靠著天父的信實與慈愛, 定會繼續拖帶並堅固我們, 向著前面的日子邁進, 基於教會的醫療顧問團隊所提供的疫情資訊與意見, 也參考了其他本地教會的措施和作法, 秉持著合適的謹慎與安全的精神, 我們認為在此時刻重聚是安全合宜的,因此我們期盼著九月十二日教會重聚的時刻. 以下是一些教會重聚的最新資訊, 盼望弟兄姊妹都預備好自己, 一同帶著歡欣的心, 在九月十二日回到教會開始實體的聚會, 希望屆時可以見到大家, 請繼續為教會禱告並靠著信心攜手同行. 



1. 主日敬拜登記系統 (RSVP)

感謝教會互聯網的同工團隊的辛勞, 關於主日的網上的登記系統已準備就緒並隨時可以開始使用. 從九月十二日開始, 每個想參加主日敬拜的弟兄姊妹, 必須要在網上登記, 目的是希望可以控制參加的人數、達到追踪作用(若有參加聚會的人感染病毒)、並方便統計人數作訂購午餐及兒童活動之用.




點擊在上方選擇欄的「主日敬拜」, 再點擊 “網上RSVP”, 

點擊在上方選擇欄的「資源寶庫」, 再點擊”網上RSVP”,

在主頁用滑鼠向下移動, 點擊”網上RSVP”的圖標.

你也可以直接進到https://rsvp.cbcm.org/ 的網站, 用會員登入或來賓登記功能 (此功能在9/12會生效, 讓非會員可以透過聯絡資料來登記).

若有因為種種原因無法登入的弟兄姊妹, 或是首次參加9/12實體聚會的朋友, 接待同工會盡所能作適當的安排讓參加者可以參加當日的敬拜聚會, 並會留下他/她們的聯絡資料.

目前我們預計不會滿位,所以為了加快週日的入場流程,我們不會掃描你的二維碼門票,但招待只會詢問你是否已註冊,如果您回答“是”(大家根據榮譽系統誠實回答),招待將立即帶領你入座。 如果你沒有註冊,你只需將你的聯繫信息提供給招待即可入座.


2. 實體敬拜與現場直播

關於實體敬拜, 各堂將會減少容納人數以達到安全社交距離的目的 (我們已經將每隔一排的椅子挪去了,也增加了更多的走道空間).

教會也要求每一個進到教會建築物的弟兄姊妹/朋友需要全程佩戴口罩 (除了在台上事奉的弟兄姊妹, 或在進食的時候).

請時常用教會提供的潔手液或勤加洗手 (教會將持續更新所有的潔手液). 

我們也會繼續在聖餐主日沿用個別包裝的餅與杯, 並鼓勵弟兄姊妹將奉獻放到新裝設的奉獻箱內以減少因分發聖餐或傳送奉獻袋時與招待同工的接觸. 

若有弟兄姊妹仍未能前來或選擇不來參加實體聚會, 教會仍然提供現場轉播的服務. 但希望鼓勵弟兄姊妹來參加敬拜聚會, 因為主的吩咐是信徒不可停止參加聚會.


3. 恢愎警員的輪更服務: 

從九月十二日起, 每主日恢愎有軍裝警員駐守教會的服務.


4. 少年與兒童節目: 

從九月十二日開始, 教會將恢愎實體的少年與兒童聚會:

少年主日學 – 分別有實體與網上的個別班級, 少年部的同工會持續發放最新資料給少年人的父母們.

兒童節目 – 將恢愎實體的主日敬拜及兒童主日學班級 (從幼兒班至五年級). 教會將秉持著相關的安全措施, 例如, 所有的教師、同工及兒童需全程配帶口罩及保持社交距離, 並安排兒童需要與家人同坐, 九月十二日之後就將只提供實體的兒童聚會 (沒有網上的聚會).

嬰兒看顧 (零歲至十二個月) 是從九時三刻至十二時半.

兒童敬拜包括兩部份: 神國兒童 (幼兒班至幼稚園) 及神國建造精兵 (一年級至五年級), 於每主日上午九時三刻至十一時一刻上課.

實體的兒童主日學, 從幼兒班至五年級, 時間是從上午十一時一刻至十二時半, 會按老師的人手是否足夠而定, 必要時或會合班上課.

若你的子女從2019年就已開始參與兒童事工, 你將會收到兒童部寄出的電郵, 以更新你的KidCheck帳戶, 若你是初次參加教會的兒童聚會的父母, 請聯絡唐利傑執事 (david.tong@cbcmgroups.org)查詢更多詳情.   


5. 成人主日學班: 

從九月十二日開始會重新恢愎各堂的成人主日學班, 各堂將會有純實體及純網上的主日學班, 或混合班 (實體與網上兼備), 各堂的基督教教育部執事將會聯絡你並提供詳細的課程資料. 


6. 主日午餐時間: 

教會的午餐時間將於九月十二日下午十二時半恢愎進行, 為表示歡迎並慶祝弟兄姊妹重新回到教會聚會, 九月與十月將提供免費午餐給每一位願意留下來享用午餐的肢體/朋友, 盼望弟兄姊妹願意留下來享用午餐好能夠彼此相聚和交誼. 我們諮詢了蒙郡和CDC 的指南以及我們自己的醫療顧問團隊後,我們決定在遵守足夠的安全規程中可以安全的提供室內用餐。


7. 細胞小組及團契聚會: 

教會鼓勵細胞小組及團契聚會恢愎固定的實體聚會, 若計劃使用教會場地作聚會之用的組別, 請注意各安全措施 (如全程佩戴口罩 [除進食外], 並保持社交距離). 鼓勵每一組實體聚會的小組/團契聚會都擬定出席表, 以方便追踪出席人仕(若有人感染新冠病毒). 


8. 室內的運動事工及項目: 

因蒙郡仍需要強制佩帶口罩, 所以所有的室內運動活動將繼續暫停直至另行通知為止. 此舉是為了顧全大家的安全起見, 特別是現在這非常時期, 希望各弟兄姊妹見諒並忍耐配合, 多謝合作.