6/13 Membership Meeting ballot/voting:

a. CBCM (Local) Active Members: The e-ballot has been posted on the CBCM website. Please  
     visit www.cbcm.org and follow the voting instruction when returning the ballot to Ellen Lei (ellen.lei@cbcm.org).

b. An e-ballot will also be sent to current active members in June.

c. Paper Ballot: If you prefer a paper ballot instead of an e-ballot, contact Karen Tong (karen.tong@cbcm.org) before   

d. All ballots will be due back to CBCM office by 6/20/2021.


a.  選票可於教會網站www.cbcm.org下載,請依指示將選票電郵寄回ellen.lei@cbcm.org

b.  所有教會會員也將在六月份收到一張電郵選票

c.  如需紙張選票,請於6/6前聯絡教會秘書(karen.tong.@cbcm.org), 唐嚴月航姊妹將


d. 所有選票需於6/20前電郵或郵寄送回教會辦公室

Membership Ballot

會員大會 選票