If you are a resident of Montgomery County, please visit the county COVID vaccine portal to determine if you belong to a priority group that is eligible to pre-register. Notification for vaccination appointment will be sent to those who have pre-registered based on availability of vaccines and priority group.  To maintain fairness and to avoid confusion and disappointment, please do not share the appointment link with others when you receive your notification.  If you need help in pre-registration due to difficulty with the English language, please contact our Caring Department at caring.dept@cbcm.org for help.

若你是蒙郡的居民,請上新冠肺炎疫苗網站(COVID vaccine portal)查詢,來決定你是否屬於優先組別可以預先登記接受疫苗注射.預先登記的居民若符合資格(如屬優先組別及有足夠並合用的疫苗),將會獲得通知可以注射疫苗.為公平起見,也避免引起混淆及失望,請不要將你收到的通知連結(appointment-link)發給別人.若你因為語言問題而無法預先登記的話,請與教會的關懷部(caring.dept@cbcm.org)聯絡.

Please take some time to fill out the survey below from Montgomery County to help them gauge the community's views on COVID vaccine so they can make appropriate outreach efforts.  Feedbacks from members of ethnic communities are greatly needed. The survey is live until Feb. 4.  Thank you.


鼓勵弟兄姊妹花少許時間填寫這個從蒙郡政府發出給市民的問卷調查, 以收集對新冠肺炎疫苗的反應和意見好作出適當的宣傳和推廣行動. 特別需要有多元民族的迴響和意見, 請於二月四日之前墳寫並寄回, 多謝合作.