Rockville Cantonese Sunday Worship Livestream

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We'd like to do an overall evaluation of the Vimeo streaming platform using the Rockville Mandarin, English and Cantonese Sunday Worship Livestreams today. Please submit your feedback using survey link.


Date Time Topic Program
Sunday  09:45am  Rockville Campus Cantonese Congregation Sunday Worship Live* / Prerecorded

Note: Pre-worship begins at 9:35 AM.

* The first Sunday worship service of every year starts at 10:30am
* On a Sunday where there is Mandarin and Cantonese combined service, please go to the Mandarin service live streaming page to watch it.


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Issues With The Livestream?

In case you experience any buffering during this live stream, please click here to fix the issue.

If you are experiencing any issues with the livestream, please contact the hot line number at (301) 924-4855 x118.