Rock City Fellowship 

(our new multi-cultural English service)
will start meeting weekly at
2:00 PM on Sunday, 1/21
All are welcome to attend!

Pastor Ken or Director Steve for more information.

Dear CBCM Family:
As you hopefully know already, we are launching Rock City Fellowship (RCF) as a weekly multi-cultural service starting this Sunday, 1/21, at 2pm.  It was great to pray for many volunteers at our all church new year service to commission them to shine for Christ at RCF! We are very excited about taking this step!  As we do so, we know that we are fully dependent upon our God for whatever He wishes to do with this service. 
In light of the above, we wanted to remind you about three ways you can support RCF even if you are not going to be in the worship service on a regular basis:

1)  Please continue praying for us and for all who may attend RCF.
2)  Please invite your friends who may be more comfortable attending a service designed to be multi-cultural to visit RCF.
3)   Please volunteer to serve in our kid’s program as we are in need of additional volunteers in this area.  If you are interested or willing to serve, please contact Director Steve Eatmon ( ) or Pastor Ken Sun ( ).
We hope and pray that God will use RCF to extend His kingdom in our area in wonderful ways!

For Him
Pastor Hugo

你們可能已經知道,我們將於本週日下午2點開始舉行Rock City Fellowship(RCF)為我們教會每週的多元文化主日崇拜。我們很高興主引領我們採取這一步驟!還記得不久前在我們全教會新年崇拜中我們已為很多RCF的同工差派代禱,讓他們為主發光! 當我們這樣做的時候,我們知道我們必須在這新的事工中完全依靠順從我們的主。

3)請自參加我們看顧孩童的事工,在這方面我們還需要更多的同工。如果您有興趣願意服事,請聯繫Director Steve Eatmon( )或Ken Sun牧師( )。